Thursday, October 15, 2009

right behind:left behind

song plays...


talks about flicks...




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SM premium.

un un! penge!

Monday, October 5, 2009


there's the moon
the clouds
the lamp post
the house
the home
the dog
my room
my family
my mom

how come we get to realize how lucky we are when we are drunk.

Dead drunk.


the E.

This is what happens. When you face life, never ever assume that there will be people who will constantly back you up in times of confusion. In a world where tens of millions of people struggle to survive there is not one soul that will readily be available if you will be needing a shoulder to cry on, a lip to give sound advices or even a liver that will filter liters of alcohol just to console you. There will always be only you. Be ready to tap yourself on the back every time you do something good, better or great. Be ready to scold your stupid self when you forget to bring ID at work or when you miss that simple instruction your immediate supervisor has given you a miniminutes ago. Although there will be kind souls who will remind you that they will be always a text away when you need them, never believe them. Because as my “sunshine” have always reiterated, words could mean a lot at one moment but what will really matter is how long will those words be kept true.

I have considered myself an aberration in human relationships. I've always believed that im the kind who will keep a promise uttered as long as my soul can hold it. My fragile human self may at times take the other path but before its too late i can oftentimes if not always gear my self back to that sacred promise. But a lot people of the souls around me operate otherwise. And its heart breaking to admit to oneself that not even your dearest of all friends can as much as give you a decent response to a simple question. Its maddening to find out that even family, after decades of living with em, can fail to anticipate your most basic of needs.

I was not clever enough to see the light in “one is born to struggle alone”.