Friday, December 11, 2009

Last post.

Babye na bloggers. un lang.

Friday, December 4, 2009

the gaga-fever

marco- whats your say on lady gaga?

me- shes okay.

marco- wot? "shes ooookay?!". where's your sense in music? she's like the new madonna.

me. how come?

a few twilight later after marco left for UK.

me- oh bleep. she is.

the teenager in me

sweet valley high and anne of green gables.

GG. what have you done to our youth? you should be rated R-18.

september 19, 1935 - November 10 2009

i love you

i will miss you

thank you

365 days, 500 recipes

if i start counting backwards, my life will be a series of shameful idleness and procrastination. if i look back to the things that ive tried to accomplish, itll be a list of fail-to-dos, half-bakes and over-cooks. and when i start to realize things like these i cant help but wonder, why did i become so perceptive? perceptiveness in its never before discovered negativeness.

dirty little secrets

we all have addictions. fumes and scents. and when we get to a certain age (like 25), somehow we get to handle this precious things in a manner where despite the continuous indulgence we are still able to function. and also there are times when we just cant handle it. and right now, no no no no, no way im handling my own sensibly. each and every time i get to satiate my cravings for that apple, guilt consumes me. i start to think of ways to get over it, if a stick wont do, i run for bottles, and then when all else fails i go back for another apple. sick eh?