Thursday, May 21, 2009

10:18 pm
me tweet, you plurk

I'm lying on a hospital bed afebrile, negative of vomiting and with just a lil tinge of headache. I lost the ability to blog since that somewhat melancholic entry. A couple of instances i tried, but nothing. Funny thing is a lot of thing has happened, things that are worthy of a page in the web, but is still zero. For one thing maybe we can blame twitter for this, loved tweeting, and now even twitter lost its charm.

10:21 pm

April 25 saturday 4am. The idea of a joyride on the dawn of my birthday would have thrilled me if not for the pounding headache that was slowly dragging me to the ground. I would have canceled but marco and earl was all hyped up and are ready for the looong exhausting trip to davao.

Fast forward.

After getting off marco polo i started to wonder, is this much obsessed about chase for greener pasture ever going somewhere? Just when you start to see your fellow sheep s, why do we start to think that theres not enough grass to cater for the insatiable demand? When do we start to value the virtue of patience.?

Ni tipas na pud ka ryan.

After a rather tense late lunch at mandarin i decided to stay in gmall and do some undeserved intra birthday shopping using my ever reliable updated credit card. A shoe, a couple of shirts and a bag later, i found myself tracing circle steps around the activity center. Tick tack tick tack. Still no sign of marco and earl. Its something expected if i get to wait a good couple of hours for marco when we decide to meet at a certain time. Somehow i got used to it, but this is different. I left my old patient self in butuan. I started to mutter discreetly things that i never never ever thought of whispering before. I was possessed. Then a wide eyed teenager came up to me.

“sir, wag po kayong matakot, im a member of a youth organization yadi yada yadi yada, konting tulong lang po, ito po ang ball pen 50 pesos lang po”

i was never silent and if there was a moment in my life that i was left dumbfounded, this was it. This year alone, she's the third kid belonging to that organization whom i came across with. Is the word charity written boldly across my forehead? Or maybe, just maybe, that kid was sent to me to make me realize that the little goodness left in me is slowly draining out.

first instance, i was with my mom inside jonies.

second, smoking area at starbucks G4.

Baka lang makalimutan ko.

Looking forward for the fourth kid. This time ill start to ask for their names.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

get up stand up

i heard your heart beating, which is hot because you once told you me you dont have one. it wasn't real, was it? i should have kept my eyes close because it was like a moment in the morning when i first woke up and i still have to sleep and everything seems, things are possible, dreams feel true and for one moment between waking and sleeping anything can be real. and then i opened my eyes and the sun hits me and then i realized that... i should have kept my eyes closed.